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Wholesale Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys

Published 2016年6月30日 by xgw01

Attorney: Jags’ Dan Skuta jailed ‘for something that didn’t happen’

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The attorney for Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Dan Skuta said his client was arrested in Orlando “for something that simply did not happen.”

Skuta was arrested early June 19 on a battery charge for allegedly pushing a woman’s face and causing her head to hit a glass window. According to Orlando Police, Skuta had alcohol on his breath and bloodshot eyes. He was later released on a $500 bond.

Attorney Mark NeJame said he is “confident this will be resolved favorably to Dan and the truth will come out as to his innocence and non-involvement. Dan has an outstanding reputation and is hurt by the unfair association to any such allegation and is confident that the full truth will soon be determined.”

According to the police report, the accuser said Skuta approached her on the street and “began talking to her and flirting with her.” When Skuta asked for the woman’s phone number, she said no, and a verbal altercation ensued.

Skuta’s attorney said the women’s story was “entirely made up.”Wholesale nfl jerseys

“We ask that there be no rush to judgment, as Dan is innocent,” NeJame said. “Erroneous conclusions should not be jumped to. Eye witnesses who we have already received statements from in our initial investigation will attest that Dan was alongside his girlfriend when this fabricated event supposedly took place and only verbally instructed two women who were harassing his friends to leave them alone.Cheap nfl jerseys

“The witnesses confirm that upon only verbally instructing the nuisances to leave them alone, Dan was then struck in the face by one of the women, as is evidenced by his mugshot, which clearly shows where he was struck. They completely contradict the version of the complainant leading to Dan’s arrest.”

Skuta has a July 20 court appearance scheduled, according to the Orange County Clerk’s office, and has requested a jury trial.

Skuta faces potential actions from the NFL. Commissioner Roger Goodell updated the league’s domestic violence policy in 2014. The policy calls for a six-game suspension without pay for a first offense and possible lifetime ban for a second offense.

The Jaguars said in a statement that they have been in “constant communication” with Skuta since the arrest and are “gathering more information.” Skuta had 40 tackles for the Jaguars last season.Wholesale Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys


Information from ESPN’s Mike Wells contributed to this report.


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Published 2016年6月29日 by xgw01

Former Colts RB Zurlon Tipton dies in accidental shooting

 ROSEVILLE, Mich. — Zurlon Tipton, a former Indianapolis Colts running back, has died after accidentally shooting himself at a car dealership in suburban Detroit. He was 26.
Brian Taylor, a spokesman at Detroit’s St. John Hospital, confirmed Tipton’s death Tuesday. Police say he was handling a duffel bag when a gun in the bag fired as he dropped off his car in nfl jerseys
Tipton appeared in 16 games over two seasons for the Colts, gaining 38 yards on 15 carries. He was released by the team in December.
“Zurlon was a dude you rooted for — an undrafted, talented, hardworking player who always seemed to have a smile on his face. His personality was contagious,” Colts long snapper Matt Overton told ESPN’s Mike Wells.Wholesale Indianapolis Colts jerseys
“He will always be our brother. He is family,” Overton added. “Today is a tough day for many. Prayers go out to his family during this difficult time.”
Zurlon Tipton played two seasons with the Colts before he was released by the team in December. Joe Robbins/Getty Images
The Detroit native played college football at Central Michigan. Tipton’s best season was 2012 when he scored 19 touchdowns and rushed for nearly 1,500 yards. Injuries limited him to only five games in 2013, his senior season.
CMU says the death is “shocking and tragic.”
Tipton was arrested in another incident allegedly involving a gun early last Christmas morning. According to the Greenwood (Indiana) Police Department, Tipton allegedly fired one round from an AR-15 assault weapon at 1 a.m. outside a suburban Indianapolis home and was charged with criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.wholesale nfl jerseys

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Published 2016年6月28日 by xgw01

AFC South Q&A: Will speed solve the Texans’ offensive issues?

Today’s question: The Houston Texans’ main goal this offseason was to add speed to their offense, and they did it with nearly every skill position acquisition they made. Lamar Miller, running back Tyler Ervin and receivers Will Fuller and Braxton Miller are all fast. The Texans needed upgrades at all of those positions, but are they overvaluing speed? Will this solve their offensive issues?Wholesale Houston Texans jerseys

Paul Kuharsky, Tennessee Titans reporter: I’ve got no problem with a slow team seeking to add speed. You can’t be a slow yet successful team in the NFL. If you can’t threaten to run away from people, you are too easy to defend. But it has to be functional speed. Braxton Miller strikes me as a fast guy who’s just a football player. We know Lamar Miller is capable. I don’t know that the Texans overvalued it. But just adding speed doesn’t solve the issue. The fast guys have to show they know how to use their speed, and the offense has to show it can craft and execute plays that will make it work.Cheap nfl jerseys

Mike DiRocco, Jacksonville Jaguars reporter: Adding speed is always a good idea, provided they’re good football players. In this case, the Texans added two good players in Ervin (who ran a 4.41 40-yard dash at the combine and ran for 1601 yards last seasons at San José State) and Fuller, who ran a 4.32 and had 2,352 yards receiving the past two seasons at Notre Dame. Braxton Miller is a fantastic athlete, but whether he can make the transition to receiver is still unclear. If he can, the Texans have the potential for a dynamic passing game. I say potential because everything hinges on whether quarterback Brock Osweiler is any good. All that speed will be useless if Osweiler can’t get the Texans in the right play and deliver the ball on time and in the right spot.Wholesale nfl jerseys

Mike Wells, Indianapolis Colts reporter: When is too much speed a bad thing? The Jaguars received the most attention among teams within the division by improving their roster on paper, but I like what the Texans did this offseason, too. It would be hard for Osweiler to be effective if he didn’t have weapons to throw the ball to and running backs who could make the offense more dynamic. Osweiler has everything at his disposal to finally have Houston’s offense lend a helping hand to J.J. Watt and the defense. Two running backs in Ervin and Lamar Miller. Receivers Fuller and Braxton Miller to go with DeAndre Hopkins. You’re potentially looking at a pretty lethal offense and one that will be difficult to stop because of the speed they have at receiver and in the backfield. I could see the Texans having the second-best offense in the AFC South behind the Colts next season. 

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Published 2016年6月27日 by xgw01

Packers raked in $222.6M in national revenue in fiscal 2015

GREEN BAY, Wis. — The Packers finished the 2015 fiscal year with a franchise-record profit of $48.9 million, a figure that includes $222.6 million in national revenue.

Calling it “another strong year financially,” Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy said during his annual meeting with reporters in advance of the team’s July 21 shareholders meeting at Lambeau Field that the combination of the team’s worldwide popularity, the NFL’s dominance as the United States’ most-watched sport and the Packers’ on-field success led to the record-setting bottom line.

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NFL to interview players named in PED film
Julius Peppers, Clay Matthews and James Harrison are expected to meet with the NFL next month as part of an investigation into an Al-Jazeera America report on PEDs.Wholesale Green Bay Packers jerseys
“Obviously, the continued [on-field] success — the consistent success — has been helpful for us, as well as the popularity of not only the Packers but the league over the long period of time,” Murphy said.

All 32 teams saw a significant spike in their shared national revenues a year ago, when the league’s lucrative new television contracts kicked in. The Packers originally reported their national revenue as $226.4 million for the 2014 fiscal year, but a change in accounting procedures related to visiting team shares of ticket revenues changed that number to $209.1 million for 2014. Using that new formula for last year, the Packers arrived at the $222.6 million figure.

The Packers finished the 2014 fiscal year with $29.2 million in profit and attributed the nearly $20 million spike in part to a decrease in onetime expenses incurred last year. The team’s previous record for net income was a $43 million profit for the 2012 fiscal year.

In addition to the $222.6 million in national revenue the Packers received as their share from the 32-team league, the team generated $186.2 million in local revenue, a remarkable figure given the team is in the smallest market in the league. That local revenue contributed to the franchise-record $408.7 million in total revenue and to the team’s $75 million profit from operations, also an all-time high.

Murphy said the Packers’ net income ranked ninth in the 32-team league, the third consecutive year the Packers have finished there.Wholesale nfl jerseys

“But I should tell you, if our revenues were 1 percent lower, we would have been 13th,” Murphy said. “It’s a very tight number of teams right there.”

The Packers are the only NFL team that is required to share its financial information because they are technically a publicly owned company, even though the team’s 360,760 shareholders hold stock that has no monetary value and cannot be traded.Cheap nfl jerseys

Murphy and Paul Baniel, the team’s vice president of finances and administration, said the Packers are expecting an uptick in player costs next year because a number of starters, including running back Eddie Lacy and three members of the team’s starting offensive line, are entering the final year of their contracts.

“We’ve got a number of key players up with their contracts expiring,” Murphy said. “And then it really becomes a question of the timing of when we sign the extensions and whether we use roster bonuses or signing bonuses.”

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Published 2016年6月22日 by xgw01

New Lions cheerleaders will be more low-profile than Cowboys cheerleaders

ALLEN PARK, Mich. — It started with focus groups and surveys. Then, when Detroit Lions team president Rod Wood took over in his new role last season, he started investigating what hiring cheerleaders would mean for the organization.

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Wholesale Detroit Lions jerseys

After seeing the data from surveys, several months ago Wood went to the ownership group — led by Martha Ford — and asked what they thought. Wood wouldn’t say whether or not it was a tough sell to the Ford family, which had never employed cheerleaders before, but they saw the merits of it.

“It was part of a process explaining how we would go about it and how it would be integrated in the in-game presentation and what we would use the team to do representing us out in the community,” Wood said. “Not just at the game but as a representative of the organization at charitable events, working with sponsors and once you laid the whole thing out, it was a decision that we made.”

Don’t expect the cheerleaders to have too prominent a presence, though. Based on Wood’s comments, they will be part of the in-game experience, not their own entity like the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Wood said the team has made no decisions on cheerleader calendars or anything like that.Cheap nfl jerseys

Wood said he spoke with multiple teams that employ cheerleader in coming up with the plan, although he declined to name which teams he spoke with.

The cheerleaders will not be employed by the Lions, but rather an affiliate of the organization, Ford Field Management. They will not be full-time employees, but considered part-time or seasonal employees. The Lions would not divulge the salary of the cheerleaders. At least for the first year, it will be an all-female team. Wood said they had not had many discussions about the possibility of a co-ed team, but that the franchise has not ruled it out in the future. Just for the first season.

Then, the Lions will do more focus groups to see how it went.

“I know we want them to be enhancing the in-game entertainment experience and being the great representatives of the team out in the community,” Wood said. “Beyond that, we’re not trying to compete with the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders or any other of the other organizations that might have cheerleaders as part of their brand.

“They are going to be part of our overall experience, not above and beyond.”

Wood knows this was not a unanimous preference from fans, but the feedback he received was “overwhelmingly supporting this.” Cheap jerseys from China

“I suspect there are going to be some people that second-guess it and we’ll deal with that when it happens,” Wood said. “But so far not overwhelmingly negative.”

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Published 2016年6月21日 by xgw01

Trevor Siemian in Broncos’ starting QB mix, which is good enough for him

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — The way Trevor Siemian sees it, he’s proof of how difficult it can be to find an NFL quarterback.

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A full-time starter in just one year of his college career, a former seventh-round draft pick of the Denver Broncos and in the span of 15 months he’s gone from battling for a spot on the roster to a neck-and-neck, nail-biter of a battle to become the starting quarterback of the defending Super Bowl champions.

“It’s tough to speak on, but I think a lot of people admit evaluating quarterbacks in college isn’t an exact science,’’ Siemian said. “I think I’ve been fortunate enough to be in a great situation with awesome guys last year, obviously with Peyton [Manning] and Brock [Osweiler], with great coaching, and that’s all I’ve been trying to do since I got here is take coaching and absorb as much as I can and grow. But I’ve definitely have come a long way.’’
When the Broncos closed their offseason program last week, coach Gary Kubiak made two things abundantly clear. One, he’s not made a decision about a starting quarterback.Wholesale Denver Broncos jerseys

And, the second had plenty of people firing up their favorite search engine. Because when Kubiak said Mark Sanchez and Siemian were tied in the pursuit of the job, Siemian was the unknown quantity.

With seven seasons in the NFL, 72 regular-season starts and six playoffs starts after he had been a first-round pick, folks had a good handle on Sanchez. And Siemian, despite having been on the QB depth chart during a Super Bowl run in which Manning was injured, was a player who brought mostly a reaction of disbelief.

Some believed there could be no way Siemian was in the mix. Except, he was before Kubiak put the official stamp on it, and still is after Kubiak’s declaration that it is a tie.

“I think my role had changed quite a bit, but I’m just trying to keep the same mindset and remind myself what got me to this point,’’ Siemian said. “Not trying to be somebody else, not trying to be Peyton, not trying to be Brock or anybody else. Just be myself, try to get comfortable in that leadership role. It’s been a quick turnaround for me.’’Wholesale nfl jerseys

In large part it’s because Siemian has what Kubiak calls “a pro arm,’’ and he also had a full season in the school of Manning, a full year in the team’s offense and just enough swagger to believe he can not only stay in the race for the job but actually win it.

“I think just doing what I’m doing, staying consistent, not trying to do too much, got a heck of a team, everybody knows we’re going to be play good defense, be physical, I’m not trying to be Peyton Manning. I’ll be all right if I just stay consistent and I’ll have a shot and things will work themselves out.”

“I’ve said, we’re still looking for somebody to be that consistent guy,’’ Kubiak said. “ … And Trevor has been with us, we know what kind of player he is and why he’s certainly in the competition.’’

Siemian is an example of how a convergence of factors can keep a player under the radar. He was not the unquestioned starter at Northwestern until his senior season — he started 14 games in his career — and then he tore his ACL in the 11th game of his senior season.Cheap nfl jerseys

That meant he went into the 2015 draft with a far shorter resume than plenty of quarterbacks who had less powerful arms, and he was still recovering from knee surgery. Broncos quarterback coach Greg Knapp put Siemian through a limited pre-draft workout, and Kubiak has repeatedly said that Siemian’s arm strength was clear even then.

Since he arrived in Denver, it’s Siemian’s level head under pressure and willingness to play hard in the limited moments he’s had in the preseason and in late-game scenarios during practice that his teammates notice the most.

“I keep telling people not to sleep on him,’’ said cornerback Chris Harris Jr. “We’ve seen what he can do, and he learned from one of the best to ever play the game.’’

Siemian said those around him have been quick to offer their support and predict he can win the job.

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Published 2016年6月20日 by xgw01

Tony Romo’s offseason isn’t over yet, but it couldn’t have gone better

IRVING, Texas — The Dallas Cowboys’ offseason is over, officially anyway. But for Tony Romo it really isn’t over.

He might take a week off to rest up after going through captains’ practices in early April, the conditioning work in mid-April, the on-field teaching sessions, the organized team activities and the three-day minicamp that came to an end Thursday. 

Even though he had surgery in March on a left collarbone that was broken twice in 2015, Romo did not miss a day of practice in the offseason.Cheap nfl jerseys

“We’re out here just trying to get better every day,” Romo said. “I feel as though I did that, but it’s just a step. I need to continue to take the steps.”

The questions around Romo these days are not about his ability to lead the Cowboys or his decision-making. It’s health, especially now that he’s 36 years old. He had two back surgeries in 2013. He suffered two transverse process fractures in 2014 that forced him to miss a game. He missed 12 games in 2015 with the collarbone injuries.Wholesale Dallas Cowboys jerseys

But the time off last year allowed Romo to focus more on his conditioning as the Cowboys struggled to a 4-12 finish and early into the offseason. His back is as strong as it has felt in years. He viewed the collarbone breaks as an aberration, and there were no ill effects during the offseason.Wholesale nfl jerseys


On Tuesday, Romo was sharp with a touchdown pass to Cole Beasley on a double move down the sideline. He hit Terrance Williams in the corner of the end zone with Brandon Carr in tight coverage. On Thursday, he was surgical with a back-line throw to Beasley for a score. He hit Williams for another score after a defensive breakdown. He allowed Ezekiel Elliott to use his speed to break free for a score.